sunnuntai 20. heinäkuuta 2014

Just a passer by

Tämä on postaus jonka tein henkilökohtaiseen blogiini kesällä 2013, kun minulla ei vielä ollut nukkeblogia. Laitan ne samat kuvat ja tekstin nyt tänne. Teen varmaan saman joillekin muillekin vanhoille postauksille joskus myöhemmin.

I can do things but cannot really feel them. It's been almost three centuries since I passed away, and I can't remember the smell of grass or the taste of fruits. I have distant memories of my favourite things, like soft silk dresses, holding hands, sweet cakes and stroking my cat's fur, but I do not know what they felt like, not anymore. Usually people don't even see or hear me, I float in the middle of a crowd feeling more alone than ever. I'm next to nothing, diminishing every day, just an echo in the wind. I do not walk, I do not sleep, I exist. Barely. The world changes around me, but I never change. You get used to it though, not living. But sometimes I wish I'd gone with the grey man who came for my soul when I died. Though I admit I'm still very afraid of letting go, I wonder where he would've taken me...

-Miss Chaos

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